Wedding Photography@Thrissur, Ernakulam 4 Best Candid Clicks

We believe that emotions are the life of a photograph. Each photo should make you remember the best memories of that day. A combination of beautiful light, beautiful location, a dynamic composition and the well-timed ‘click’ gives you photos that speak.

Wedding Photography@Thrissur, Ernakulam 4 Best Candid Clicks

The North Indian Wedding

Indians have a lot of prominence for rituals and traditions during weddings. The rituals that tie the couple in holy matrimony are performed with great faith and devotion. The ceremonies are deeply rooted to the culture of the country. The rituals and their significance
The engagement; this takes place months before the wedding. This is the ceremony where the bride to be and groom to be exchange rings and the wedding date is announced.
Haldi ceremony takes place couple of days before the wedding in the bride and groom’s homes. The auspicious ceremony is said to deflect evil eye. During this ceremony a fragrant paste of turmeric with rose water is applied on the legs, hands and face of the couple- to- be. It also helps in fighting blemishes and making skin glow.
Sangeet transpires two days before wedding. It is meant for fun where the women of both families get together. It is a stress buster ceremony with lots of music and dance and great food.
Mehendi is one of the 16 adornments the bride needs to wear on her wedding. During this ritual, elaborate henna designs are applied on the bride’s hands and feet.
Baaraat and Tika
On the wedding day, the groom arrives on a horse or a slow moving convertible car accompanied by friends and family dancing to beats. He is welcomed by the bride’s family with a traditional tika on the forehead.
Var mala
The bride arrives at the venue flanked by family after the groom’s arrival. They exchange garlands and are made to sit next to each other.
The bride’s father gives her hand to the husband to be and pours water over it. It is said that, from that moment onwards, the bride belongs to the husband and his family.
The Groom ties Mangalsutra or holy necklace around the bride’s neck and applies vermillion on her forehead amidst chantings of hymns. Then the bride and groom circumambulate around the holy fire and makes promises to other. Once the 7 rounds are completed, the couple is said to be wedded.
The bride is then sent to the husband’s house to start a new life. It is a very emotional moment when the parents of the bride bid her adieu. She symbolically moves into the new family by throwing some rice or coins towards her parent’s house without turning back. This is to ensure that the bride’s parent’s house remains prosperous even after their daughter, considered to be their goddess Lakshmi’ leaves home.

Wedding Photography@Thrissur, Ernakulam 4 Best Candid Clicks

The art of wedding photography

Wedding photography, for everyone is kind of photography done during weddings. This is partly correct but it also over simplifies the meaning. In the past, wedding photographers were technicians that the couple hires to record their wedding event. But at present, almost all guests have a camera or smartphone that could produce good quality pictures. This means the wedding photographers have to offer something over and above that. The digital revolution has attracted many who would never venture into photography. Wedding photographers at the top offers stunning photos that record wedding in narrative and artistic style. This means that the photographer should offer something not seen before.

As an aid to this internet makes it easy to research about new styles to adopt and develop. But don’t cling to wedding photography labels, look beyond them. Refer reportage photography, also known as documentary or photojournalism photography. It simply covers the event without directing the couple or guests.

All photographers have a unique style of photography. It may be a mix of classical and modern, reportage and contemporary. Therefore, it is necessary for the couple to meet the photographer so that they will be directed at their best.

Once you choose the type of photography you desire, you can check various galleries of photography in pinterest or other sites. It is essential that the photographer and wedding couple to have a good rapport for sharing your photography goals. Finally you need to consider and discuss the wedding photography package. A good wedding planner will help you with the best budget.