Wedding bells photography is the brain child of Aswin and Sreenath and was born on October 3, 2014. We are a bunch of hyper enthusiastic devoted people who believe in the power of photograph. As passion turned professionals; we go to any extent for that perfect composition.
We believe that emotions are the life of a photograph. Each photo should make you remember the best memories of that day. A combination of beautiful light, beautiful location, a dynamic composition and the well-timed ‘click’ gives you photos that speak.

I am Aswin. Academically I am an Engineering graduate, but I love photography to the depths of my soul. I started photography at the age of 20 during my college days. I was determined to become a freelance photographer with a signature style in every work I take up. I love capturing the emotional moments in weddings; I love the colors, the smiles, the tears everything associated with it. This makes me capture passionate and creative photographs that are emotionally eternal. I love North Indian weddings more because of the diversity and uniqueness in their rituals and celebrations.

I, Sreenath, am from Thrissur, one of the lead photographers of wedding Bells Photography. I am visual communication graduate and currently doing photography in both weddings and Films. I am associated with movie mostly and was fortunate to be the still photographer of a couple of good Malayalam movies like The Great father, Guppy etc. My ongoing project is Dileep starrer ‘Kammarasambhavam’ and the bug budget Mammootty movie ‘Mamangam’.